Be The Runner
Personalized coaching from someone just like you

Regular people should be
coached by other regular people
who know about how regular people run

That's where Be The Runner comes in.


Be The Runner was created because I strongly believe that regular people should be coached by other regular people who know a lot about how regular people run. I have met many former Olympians and other great runners, and they are terrific people. These kinds of folks are very knowledgeable about how to train 'freaks of nature' like themselves.

But, for example, it doesn't make sense to me how someone who runs a 2:15 marathon can give helpful advice to someone who will be out on the road for five hours, or even three or four.

This is where Be The Runner comes in. I am just like you. I've finished everywhere from DFL (Dead Flat Last) to first place, but there’s never been any danger that I would make it to the Olympics or set a world record. I have indeed learned bits and pieces of training techniques from some fantastic runners, but I know how to put it all into the right context for normal human beings. I also love being a nurturing, supportive person, listening and then responding to the needs and concerns that every unique person has about their running.

I tailor everyone's program specifically to them, and make adjustments on the fly to help everyone achieve their goals. I can do all this whether you live near me or not – yes, I can be a 'virtual' coach for you!

I also received certification as a Personal Trainer about 10 years ago! Join Be The Runner for a fun, challenging strength workout. I originally designed it for "seniors" and "pre-seniors" (anyone over 40), but am now opening it up to anyone. We are currently meeting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7AM, either outdoors in good weather or on Zoom. We work our way through a strength circuit that I will change each week. If we're outdoors, you only need to bring yourself. For Zoom classes, you'll only need some space, a couple of heavy objects (dumbbells if you have them), as well as your own weight. Interested? Click here to email me to ask questions and to get the Zoom link!

The first week (3 classes) is FREE for new students. After that, the cost is $4.00 per class. If you wish to buy 6 classes in advance, the price is $24. If you wish to buy 12 classes in advance, the price is $48. To purchase classes in advance, you can pay using your PayPal account or a credit card by clicking on the applicable button below.

For a "6-Pack" of Strength Classes...

For a "12-Pack" of Strength Classes...

Be The Runner will help you celebrate your success by donating half of your start-up fee in your honor to a high school track and cross-country program of your choice!