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Two months ago I was a certified couch potato. I started training with Be The Runner's Coach Marty and have made exponential improvement by following the running plan that Marty crafted for me. The plan he designed is getting me from the living room to the finish line of a half-marathon this summer and it is working. Plus, there is an added bonus: I am down 12 pounds and have more energy than I’ve hd in 6 years! If Coach Marty can get me from the couch to the finish line, he can do it for you, too! Thanks for improving my life Coach!
-- D.H., Arizona
I wanted to let you know my race went well on Sunday. I felt great and finished the race at 2:22:53. My goal was to finish it in less than 2:30 so am really happy. Thank you SO MUCH for all the great pointers you gave me; I could not have done this race without you! I do think I will be running more, I'll aim for at least one half marathon a year at least.
-- Y.F., Participant in Employee Wellness Half Marathon Training Program
After high school, I spent almost a year and a half training on my own before going to Marty. My training until then, although punctuated by a few impressive feats, was sloppy at best. I found myself frequently injured and frustrated. Marty helped guide my ambition into something constructive. I began running workouts of much higher quality and with much greater consistency than before. When I need advice, I know that I have a reliable source in him and his flexibility makes the whole process simple and convenient. If I want specific training for a specific distance, he can design something for my ability; the extent to which he is involved in your day to day and week to week training is completely up to you. I can confidently say that the past few months has been the most successful training period of my running career.
-- B.S., Davis, CA (2012 Pleasanton Spirit Run 5k Champion, Diablo Trails Challenge 10k Course record-holder)
Thanks again for all your support and guidance during these past three months. We couldn't have done this without your help!!! What a blast when you were cheering us on at the finish line....
-- M.M., Participant in Employee Wellness Half Marathon Training Program










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